CONCRETE BUDDHAS (Daniel Bolo Prather & Richard Karst)

We're concrete buddhas in the land of the senses
We're all here just takin' our chances
We light our candles in the here and now
The fire's getting hotter and there's no way out

We're concrete buddhas and we've got to be cool
Playing the part the enlightened fool
We always do what needs to be done
We're concrete buddhas just havin' some fun

And we try to understand
Why we've come back here again

Concrete buddhas - This can't be real
Concrete buddhas - No matter what I feel
Concrete buddhas - Livin' in a dream
Concrete buddhas...

We're concrete buddhas in your backyard
We're chillin out, we don't take life too hard
We live the gospel of the yin and yang
We're concrete buddhas just doin' our thang

We're concrete buddhas in a meditation
Checkin' out the world situation
We're just here tryin' to lend a hand
We're concrete buddhas playin' in a band

Concrete buddhas, concrete buddhas
Concrete buddhas, concrete buddhas

What will it take to shed my skin
Let go my hold of this form I'm in
Into this land of make believe
These concrete forms I have conceived

I'll no longer believe my eyes
When I finally realize
All these passing clouds aren't real
Only shadows of what I feel

Let the water flow through my hair
An endless river flowing everywhere
Into this ocean of ecstacy
Concrete buddha reality

© 1995, 1996 Daniel Bolo Prather & Richard Karst, Concrete Buddha

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